Building Study Skills & Managing Anxiety

Every year, many teens and young adults experience anxiety in the face of studying for tests and exams. This workshop will help
students, their teachers and their parents all speak the same language when it comes to the steps needed to study more effectively
while staying calm and focused.

Teens need 8.5 Р10 hours of sleep per night. Insufficient sleep has also been shown to cause difficulties in school, including disciplinary  problems, sleepiness in class and poor concentration

This hands-on workshop, aimed at the general student population will have students practice specific study skills that enhance memory and learning and experiment with their own self-regulation techniques and self-care activities to help keep anxiety at bay.

The of sensory regulation and self-care strategies can help maintain a positive learning environment and allow students to perform to the best of their abilities.

  • Understand and recognize what anxiety feels like on a sensory and body level
  • Learn the important basic sensory tools to stay regulated when approaching exams
  • Understand the importance of different self-care activities
  • Learn and practice memory and organization tricks to help make studying easier and more effective
  • High School Students
  • CEGEP Students
  • University Students
  • Grade 5 & 6 Students
  • Teachers
  • Parents

This workshop is 90 minutes long

Please note that outside the Greater Montreal area, this training is only available in conjunction with the Behaviour in the Classroom training.

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