Dyslexia Font Unveiled-Experience what Dyslexia feels like

For many with dyslexia, reading is a chore. There are a lot of misconceptions about dyslexia, especially when it presents in a mild form. Often in milder forms, dyslexic people can read but it takes an enormous amount of concentration. This in turns exhausts their brains and they end up tired and unable to focus on the content of what they are reading.

Experience what a dyslexic person feels like when reading

Now imagine a child who has trouble reading. Often by grade 2, They spend the day in school expected to read to accomplish their work. When dyslexia is not diagnosed or treated properly, the child is often labeled as “lazy” or “not trying” or “not working to potential”. If the dyslexia is not addressed, these children will often end up with behaviours. Sitting trying to read when reading feels like the experience I talked about above feels like torture to their brains. So, the child will often end up doing anything to avoid this.

It is important to always get a child’s vision checked first to rule out the need for glasses. If you are still concerned, or their teacher has brought this up to you, I highly recommend having your child evaluated by a professional. Depending on where you live, neuropsychologists, psychologists and speech & language therapists do this testing. Often it is part of a bigger battery of testing to ensure they are getting a full picture of your child.

At dyslexiafont.com a new font to help minimize dyslexia is shown and explained in detail. The font is now available for Kobo users too! This is one of the wonderful ways technology is helping change the lives of people with disabilities!