Case Management for Disabilities

Clients with disabilities are often at great risk of not receiving the care they need. Families caring for these clients who do not get proper case management support often end up burning out. 

About 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability. (World Health Organization)Source

In some extreme cases, families have the difficult decision of having to put their loved ones with a disability into care.  This is especially true for people living in remote locations with limited access to specialized services.


Who Should Attend

Learning Outcomes

Overview of how to proceed once a new disability client referral is received

  • Intervention plan development, to promote a holistic approach to the client
  • The importance of working with other professionals and agencies
  • Using a client-centered focus to help select goals
  • How to complete an intervention plan

Putting the steps to attain the goals identified in the intervention plan in place

  • Discussions regarding formal re-evaluation of the care plan at set intervals, based on the stability of the client
  • Introduction of a procedure that can be used to help identify barriers that are preventing a client from progressing toward their goals

Course Duration: 3 Days (16-18 hours)

The use of case management can significantly reduce burnout in caregivers and prevent further disability or foster home placement for their loved ones.

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