Solving Problem Behaviours

This workshop will teach you to help manage behavioural challenges experienced by individuals with autism, ADHD, FASD, mental health challenges, or even for individuals displaying problem behaviours unrelated to any diagnosis. Using the tools presented will help individuals with behaviour challenges be more ready to learn, enhance their quality of life and positively impact the community and family around them.

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Sensory Awareness

The sensory awareness workshop is a an entry level workshop that addresses how sensory input (Touch, noises, spinning (vestibular), proprioception, and vision, taste, smell, hearing can affect our everyday functioning and can impact our children at school. Usually, teachers, early education workers aids, MD’s, SLP's, psychologists, parents and extended family enjoy this workshop.

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Setting Up & Using A Sensory Room

This introductory Sensory Room Training will allow participants who are interested in learning more about basic sensory rooms and how to set them up and use them safely in their schools, daycares or homes.

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Activities of Daily Living

Every day children with both motor and intellectual disabilities struggle with many areas of their life. One of the areas that so many parents and educators appreciate help developing independence for is in Activities of Daily Living (dressing, toileting, clipping finger nails, blowing their nose, eating with fork and knife, washing hands etc). In this 2-hour training parents, teachers and educators will learn how to teach the above daily activities in a step wise method that even very low functioning children can learn.

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Visual Perception as Play

Visual perception is an area that Occupational Therapists have always focused on with respect to assessment and treatment. However, more and more we are finding that the skills learned in the isolation of therapy are not generalized to the home and classroom.

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Fostering Collaborative Relationships

Learn techniques to develop the most collaborative relationships so best client care can be obtained. The focus will be on empathy, empathetic listening, collaboration and client centeredness.

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