Solving Problem Behaviours

Connecting with Autism & Other Disabilities

This workshop is a two-part, 7-hour conference, aimed at presenting best practice, hands-on tools to help manage behavioural challenges experienced by individuals with autism, ADHD, FASD, mental health challenges, or even for individuals displaying problem behaviours unrelated to any diagnosis. The combined sensory, behavioural and communication approach presented promotes a holistic approach to the treatment of the individual.

This presentation is geared towards providing strategies that will help in a variety of settings. Using the tools presented will help individuals with behaviour challenges be more ready to learn, enhance their quality of life and positively impact the community and family around them.

  • Review of Autism and latest diagnostic criteria in new DSM-V and their implications.
  • • In-depth Sensory Training –experience first hand what it feels like to have autism.
    • Vestibular problems
    • Proprioceptive problems
    • Tactile problems
    • Auditory problems
    • Visual problems
    • Interoceptive problems
  • Understand the impact on autism and emotional regulation.
  • Identify which specific strategies to use for best practice in Autism and how to know when to use them:
    • Sensory Strategies-including the difference between isolated movement breaks and the implementation of a sensory diet.
    • When and how to use Visuals
    • When and how to use Visual schedules
    • When to use Social Stories and how to develop one
    • When and how to use behaviour contracts
  • Understand and use the “Steps to solve a problem behaviour” protocol and apply it to a case relevant to your practice.

To inquire about having this training presented to your group or organization please call 514-576-1401 or contact Cynthia.

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