Materials to set up a school sensory OT room

Setting up a sensory room in a school can be a great way to help kids with sensory integration issues get back to “just right” during the day.

Getting started is not nearly as difficult as it might seem, and many of the items needed are easy to come by.

These are the starting materials I recommend for an OT sensory room in a school:

  • A ball with handles (not too big)
  • A bean bag (the larger the better - I suggest the one available from Solution Sensée). I also recommend purchasing the waterproof cover, as it is easier to keep the beanbag clean.
  • Square foam mats (at least 8 mats, 2’ x 2’)
  • A spinning egg chair, like [this one from IKEA] (
  • A pop-up tent
  • A pop-up tunnel
  • [Earmuffs] (
  • [Ghost] (
  • Big, heavy blankets (washable)
  • Weighted socks (fill large socks with rice or beans)
  • Tug of war rope
  • Broom handles (for pulling games)
  • Scooter Board
  • Balance board

Other Suggestions

  • The room should have the option of turning off neon lighting and just have natural light from the windows at all times during the day.
  • I would encourage parents or staff to take pictures of all of the equipment, laminate them and then post them on a velcro strip so that the kids can arrange their preferences.

© Cynthia Miller-Lautman 2018