Sensory Awareness Training

Are children getting the right kind of sensory development?

Find out what we can do; as parents, teachers and as a society to help our children develop to their greatest potential.

Every day, our bodies are bombarded with sensations. Many of us cope fairly well, many of us don't. Some of us need to take extra time to drink coffee, chew on a pen or simply put our heads down. Others need absolute quiet in order to work, while others need background noise. As normally functioning adults, we constantly screen these sensations in order to deal with them and find strategies to get through our day.

What about our children? How are they dealing with all of this? With more and more children with different needs being integrated into schools and daycares, it is important for parents, as well as the professionals working with our children to understand how sensations affect children. Many children diagnosed with autism get help learning how to regulate themselves when the sensations they experience become overwhelming; but what about other kids? The ones diagnosed with ADHD, children with poor handwriting, kids who are labelled as "clumsy" or "day dreamers", the ones who can't sit still or are always in trouble?

In this conference you will:

  • feel what it is like to be in a child's brain and body and test your own ability to regulate your senses,
  • learn about the sense that are involved in self-regulation and why they matter,
  • learn how sensory regulation can affect a child's behaviour and academic success,
  • learn simple strategies that can be used at school and at home.

To inquire about having this training presented to your group or organization please call 514-576-1401 or contact Cynthia.

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