Cynthia has extensive experience providing mentoring and coaching for OTs, educators, parents and other professionals in the Greater Montreal Area and with the James Bay Cree of Québec.

Mentoring for Occupational Therapists

Mentoring is available for OTs who are looking to improve their skills or who are transitioning to a new area of practice. Mentorship is geared towards:

  • Pediatrics
    • Developmental Delay
    • Assessment
    • Therapy & Treatment
  • Sensory Integration
    • Understanding & Identify Sensory Integration Issues
    • Creating a Sensory Diet
    • Using Sensory Regulation Strategies in Therapy

Mentoring can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Mentoring for New OT Graduates

Mentoring is available for new OTs who are looking to gain new skills or improve their existing ones.

Group sessions are available for new graduates.

To inquire about professional mentoring, please call 514-576-1401 or contact Cynthia.

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