Colic and Sensory Processing

Dealing with a colicky child can be one of the most exhausting and demanding burdens a new parent can face. Parent’s of colicky babies are not only faced with the constant unhappiness of their child, but also with the constant judgement from others.

If you have a colicky baby – remember this – you’re not doing anything wrong. You’re not spoiling your child, you’re not a unloving or incapable parent. Although the exact causes of – and reasons for – colicky behaviour in babies are unknown, it seems that many of these children have a hard time regulating their sensory system. Noises, lights and other stimuli that other kids can deal with are just too hard for them, and they let you know – the only way they can.

here are many (many) books on how to deal with colicky infants, but one of the most sensible is The Happiest Baby on the Block ( by Harvey Karp, M.D. Karp offers many strategies for helping your infant calm down, such as swaddling and rocking.

Just as is important is the kind and gentle tone that Karp uses throughout. Many books on infants and sleep end up making parents of colicky babies feel inadequate, but this book is an exception.

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