Activities of Daily Living Training

Every day children with both motor and intellectual disabilities struggle with many areas of their life. One of the areas that so many parents and educators appreciate help developing independence for is in Activities of Daily Living (dressing, toileting, clipping finger nails, blowing their nose, eating with fork and knife, washing hands etc).

In this 2-hour training parents, teachers and educators will learn how to teach the above daily activities in a step-wise method that even very low functioning children can learn.

Some of the topic covered will include:

1. How to analyze the follwing tasks:

  • Putting on socks
  • Putting on shoes
  • Tying shoes
  • Putting on a t-shirt
  • Putting on a sweater
  • Putting on a jacket
  • Closing and opening buttons
  • Zipping zippers
  • Brushing teeth
  • Using mouthwash
  • Setting water temperature
  • Washing hands

  • Cutting fingernails
  • Washing face
  • Brushing and combing hair
  • Making a pony tail
  • Cleaning glasses
  • Blowing nose
  • Urination (boys)
  • Shaving (male face)
  • Cutting food with a knife and fork
  • Dailing phone numbers
  • Folding

2. Definition of ‘Cues/Prompts’ provided when teaching

3. Suggestions and Recommendations for dressing, grooming, and feeding

4. Guidelines and tips for:

  • Brushing teeth
  • Tying shoes
  • Using a knife and fork
  • Mealtime procedure
  • Getting a child's moth ready to eat
  • Identifying risks of aspiration

5. Toileting / Wiping Protocol

6. Shaving Protocol

To inquire about having this training presented to your group or organization please call 514-576-1401 or contact Cynthia.

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